I have to admit I did not spend as much time as I wanted initially on this blog, mainly because I am a lazy person. The last year was packed with a lot of work at my most recent contract gig, and since the rollout was scheduled for the years end I was pretty busy finalizing a lot of things and dealing with the general madness that ensues from such endeavours.

But I also found time to investigate some new things and start two projects that I really hope will blossom into something useful, partially for the development community and partially for consumers.

I spent a good deal of time on getting to grips with Scala and Erlang, and I have to say I love both languages dearly nowadays. While I don’t see Erlang breaking into the mainstream programming space anytime soon, Scala is something that could very well show us the path to a successor of current generation programming languages like C#,Ruby and so on.

Pattern matching is so much more powerful than the traditional branching logic you write in most other languages, and the approach both take to concurrency ( message passing between isolated entities ) seems so far the only one that shows a path to a brighter tomorrow ( for problems that are not easily decomposed into simple data/task partitioning algorithms.

This basically leads me to why I started the first project on my agenda which I will detail in my next post.